Entry #1

'Oops, it's been a while!' Update

2014-08-03 23:34:07 by CarlDoonan

I've rather neglected my Newgrounds account for a while - sorry about that!

After I made 'Toad's Voice' last fall I went through some creative burn-out and didn't animate that much during the winter. I eventually got back into the swing of things and created both a teaser and first episode for a new series of shorts called 'Wizbird' during the spring that I posted on YouTube.

Not long after that 'Toad's Voice' caught the attention of a client that asked me to animate a short for some decent pay, so May and June were dedicated to freelance work. The same clients were very happy with the results and want to produce several more shorts if things go well. While I'd like to focus on creating my own animation again (including another GG Animated and more Wizbird) right now paid work has to take top priority since I've got college debts to pay : /

I hope to put Wizbird Ep. 1 here on Newgrounds at some point. I was going to wait until I animated a second episode before putting the first here, but since that's looking like it'll be pretty far off I might just upload it sooner with the promise of more coming eventually.


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